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Susi Paz – media producer and researcher

365 Freelance Photography and Moving Image Productions for Print and Digital projects
I am a media producer and researcher with over 20 years’ experience working with magazine/book publishers, marketing companies, advertising agencies and government departments globally. I provide a full service research and production offering, managing everything from pre-production and production management, casting, crew management, contracts and location management for all your photo shoots, e-learning tutorials, voiceover work or case studies to the highest of professional levels and in all formats. I work with crews and teams stationed all over the globe for photography and video work and have the contacts needed to acquire and produce the perfect image, video or soundtrack for your needs. I also have a wealth of global connections to find the right image for any picture researching job, on time and always within budget.
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07956 452 114 – UK

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Photo above Getty Images for BSkyB and the ad agency was United London

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