Launched: GEN-1 a new AI model that uses language and images to generate new videos out of existing ones

Generative AI company Runway has introduced Gen-1, their new AI tool that uses language and images to generate new videos out of existing ones.


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Happy Birthday Classic Images Stock Footage

Congratulations to Beverly Hills based Classic Images Stock Footage are celebrating 30 years in the business this year.

Launched in 1992 their stock offering includes a comprehensive collection of archival and vintage subjects.
We asked Classic owner Marcie Alexander how the industry has transformed since 1992: “Hi Will, The industry has been completely transformed. 1992 was no internet, no digital files, no cell phones, very little and very slow computers using DOS data searches. using FEDEX and messengers for shipping out tapes (VHS, 3/4, 1”, Beta SP). Sometimes people would mail research requests. We went to labs to telecine film and for dubbing orders from tape masters. I was in the back room of post houses supervising transfers and dubs almost every day.
Now we have the internet, digital files, cell phones, and email. We hardly ever talk to anyone, we deliver everything online, everything has been digitized and we use computers for everything. We only use labs for special mastering and scanning now.”

Here’s to another 30 Marcie!

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Junkin Media acquired by Readers Digest owner

Trusted Media Brands – owners of Readers Digest and other consumer reads – has acquired streaming and social media agency Jukin Media.

They say: ‘With Jukin Media’s world-class content production capabilities and its proven ability to build massive audiences, the combined company will provide advertisers with unmatched power to reach consumers across web, social, CTV, OTT and print properties with brand-safe, unique and authentic content. The acquisition further establishes Trusted Media Brands as a digital-first media company that offers brands and commerce partners best-in-class opportunities to connect with highly engaged audiences.’

Deal breakdown:
● Acquisition creates a platform that reaches hundreds of millions of highly engaged consumers across web, social, CTV, OTT and print through popular brands and content
● Partnership fuels collective growth opportunity through expansion of streaming capabilities, video production and social media as well as the continuation of digital content licensing
● Shared leadership in user-generated content across brand properties brings like-minded approach together under one portfolio of content

“Trusted Media Brands’ powerful network of brand relationships, our growing portfolio of community-driven lifestyle media brands and our proprietary first-party data platform, together with Jukin Media’s social media, video production and streaming TV acumen, are positioning us for our future and fueling significant opportunity for long-term growth,” said Bonnie Kintzer, CEO and President of Trusted Media Brands. “Our audience benefits from an even broader array of engaging content to fuel their favorite pastimes, and our collective capabilities provide our advertising partners with increased revenue-driving opportunities and a wider audience base across emergent and established platforms.”

The acquisition of Jukin Media quadruples Trusted Media Brands’ monthly audience reach and combines its portfolio of community-driven content properties whose passionate audiences have increased 40% year over year along with a commerce business that has grown 75% in the past year. Jukin Media’s portfolio of properties reaches more than 220 million fans online and generates more than two billion minutes of video viewed each month across streaming TV and social media. The addition of Jukin Media’s portfolio will immediately strengthen Trusted Media Brands’ existing vertical coverage in food, home, lifestyle and wellness, and adds additional expertise in categories including pets, entertainment and humor.

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Relaunched: RetroFootage 350K restored archival stock footage clips.

Rick Ray, the California based filmmaker, cinematographer and stock footage shooter, has relaunched his website to include a new comprehensive online library featuring more than 350,000 masterfully restored archival stock footage clips.

Read the full report over on our site now

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CBS News Archives – photos and – footage now on Instagram

The photo content archives of US based CBS News channel are now featuring on Instagram>

They say: “We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions on any clips/events that you’d like to see. And of course, these clips will be available for commercial and editorial use!”

Follow and License the content here.

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New content: Jukin Media – for The Pet Collective

User-generated entertainment agency Jukin Media is launching a brand new 12-episode original series ‘Show Us Your Pets’ for The Pet Collective, the leading pet-focused entertainment brand with more than 43 million followers across social media.

Jukin say: The first season of ‘Show Us Your Pets’ will feature high-profile guests, including groundbreaking comedian and actor Gabriel Iglesias, two-time Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Tori Kelly, singer and content creator Loren Gray (80+ million social followers), actress Nicole Travolta, and more.
“The Pet Collective is the world’s premier destination for young, millennial and Gen-Z pet parents and pet lovers,” said Jonathan Skogmo, Founder and CEO of Jukin Media, and Executive Producer of ‘Show Us Your Pets.’ “We are thrilled to have such strong talent take part in ‘Show Us Your Pets’ and to raise awareness and funds for some truly great causes.”

• Each episode of ‘Show Us Your Pets’ will feature a pet-loving celebrity or influencer who will introduce viewers to the most important member of their family: their pet! Viewers will get an in-depth and ultra personal look at the relationship between famous pet parent and furry friend, as well as a tour of the glamorous home and life they share together, including their pet’s favorite toys, treats, and cozy spots.

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StormStock just released newly-shot footage

Weather cinema photo library StormStock just released newly-shot storm footage captured by cinematographer and founder Martin Lisius. click through the clip above to view the promo.

The content includes tornadoes, lightning and amazing storms on 4K and 8K. “Clients use our material to help tell their story in a dramatic or beautiful way,” Lisius said. “I am always thinking about how a certain visual in nature would look in a feature film or TV commercial and shoot it for that application.”
• Download preview clips starting on the StormStock footage category.

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Rare Josephine Baker footage now available to license

Historic Flims footage library in New York have released on behalf of the Bradfield family, rare, special color footage of Baker performing on stage in Chicago in 1951.
Recently discovered, this footage has been restored and transferred in 2K. It is currently available for licensing through Historic Films.

Footage Notes:
Musical performer Josephine Baker left the United States in the mid-1920s bound for Paris and by the end of that decade had become the darling of the French musical theater . She held court at the Folies Bergere for decades. Josephine Baker as well became the first Black woman to star in a major motion picture (Siren Of The Tropics in 1927).
Baker was celebrated by artists and intellectuals of the era, who variously dubbed her the “Black Venus” the “Black Pearl” the “Bronze Venus” and the “Creole Goddess”. She aided the French Resistance during World War II. During the civil rights movement in the United States Baker refused to perform for segregated audiences.

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The Cinema Museum needs you – Fundraiser

In London, The Cinema Museum – which used to be part of the The Ronald Grant Archive not seeing the library site anymore!? – is looking for cash for survival. – ON PAN now

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Footage Research and Copyright Tracing service

Are you lookingto clear a copyright on a photograph or footage and all you have to go on is the agency stamp on the back of a print or an agency name? ….and a Google search is not bringing up the current owners contact details ?

What we do best:
Find ‘unfindable’ copyrights.
• Find photo/video content.
• Find photo/video copyright owners.
• Picture/Footage research.
• Clear copyright.

Details here on our: Press Photo History Project

How we are connected:
We are connected with over 600 picture libraries, museums and private collections worldwide and even further through our websites PhotoArchiveNews.comand

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