Happy Birthday Classic Images Stock Footage

Congratulations to Beverly Hills based Classic Images Stock Footage are celebrating 30 years in the business this year.

Launched in 1992 their stock offering includes a comprehensive collection of archival and vintage subjects.
We asked Classic owner Marcie Alexander how the industry has transformed since 1992: “Hi Will, The industry has been completely transformed. 1992 was no internet, no digital files, no cell phones, very little and very slow computers using DOS data searches. using FEDEX and messengers for shipping out tapes (VHS, 3/4, 1”, Beta SP). Sometimes people would mail research requests. We went to labs to telecine film and for dubbing orders from tape masters. I was in the back room of post houses supervising transfers and dubs almost every day.
Now we have the internet, digital files, cell phones, and email. We hardly ever talk to anyone, we deliver everything online, everything has been digitized and we use computers for everything. We only use labs for special mastering and scanning now.”

Here’s to another 30 Marcie!

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