Clipcanvas – website upgrade targets wider audience

Norwegian based video marketplace agency Clipcanvas are online with a new look website with more user-friendly and intuitive tools. The agency offers ‘videos for any project’. Comprising more than 450.000 clips, crowd-sourced through thousands of videographers.
According to Cato Salter, founder and CEO for Clipcanvas, the change has been an ongoing process, “We have been discussing this for a long time, several years actually, but we were so passionate about our user interface and constantly got great feedback from those using it, so this has been a hard decision to make. Still, we decided that the best way to take advantage of some of the new abilities in CSS3 and modern web design techniques was to opt for a more traditional user experience. We killed our darling, and now we’re ready to see it rise from the ashes.”
Clipcanvas have also made a big change in their market approach, targeting a wider audience signified by their new main slogans ‘Get videos for any project’ and ‘We help people tell stories every day – Let us be part of yours.’ Cato explains, “Well, this is really what it’s all about, helping people tell stories. It’s the essence of what we do. Our main users today are filmmakers, videographers and video editing and post-production artists, but in the years to come we are 100% sure the use of video to tell stories will be widespread.” He goes on, “In many settings where images are used for communication today, video will be used tomorrow. Video drives todays development of portable devices, like mobile and pads, people consume entertainment like never before, and it is only a matter of time before this focus hits the marketing spend of traditional business, industry and trade. Video implies longer sessions for user engagement, offers the sender an opportunity to tell more complex stories and currently implies a massive opportunity as far as we can tell.” When confronted with the question that we have already heard this story many times before, Cato explained that the market just takes a long time to develop, is costly and that it demands different skills of the end user compared to what is required from someone using images. “Just look at the young generations of today, they have no problems putting together videos to tell stories. They just know how to do it and the tools are already there. They’re not waiting.”
View their new-look pages here

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