Film producer: ‘I’m donating all my 4K UHD footage to the world’

Film producer Frederick Tschernutter has donated his entire stock footage archives to the global community.
The content has been filmed with RED One and Epic cameras in resolutions up to 5K. The content is released in its RAW format, including the ability to extract millions of single frames for any use.
They say: The content features amazing landscapes, cityscapes, time-lapses, slow-motions and objects that can be used in any commercial or private production. Special credits to his fellow filmmakers Theodoros Nikolaides, Helmut Strasser and Ronan & Richard Saretta that have been involved in shooting this content.
The entire archive can be previewed on YouTube (IRIS32FREE) and than downloaded directly through a link in the description of the content.

• About Frederick Tschernutter: Frederick is a serial entrepreneur who is advocating for a fully digital economy and disruptive concepts in media distribution, lowering the entry barrier for young and independent film makers and media professionals at large.

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