Getty Images VP Creative Content – The future of the video industry

Senior Vice President for Creative Content, Andrew Saunders, shares his insight on the next steps in video, showcasing some of the cutting-edge technology Getty Images’ global network of contributors are employing to produce the latest ground-breaking content.

“Video consumption is growing at a very rapid pace, especially via online and mobile platforms, as well as motion enabled advertising like billboards and Adshels. Advertisers are continually finding innovative ways to engage with consumers,” Andrew Saunders , Senior Vice President, Creative at Getty Images said. “Getty Images will be excited to share our creative insight, trend discovery and vast video content offering with delegates at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.”

Getty Images is collaborating with award-winning production and installation artists The Light Surgeons to produce a dynamic video wall at this year’s Festival which will feature creative content that explores visionary themes. Forming a powerful center at the back of the Ortega space in the Palais des Festivals, the bespoke wall, made up of 24 synonymous screens will allow delegates to interact and engage with Getty Images content in an unparalleled and interactive manner.
In addition, Getty Images’ relationship with The Light Surgeons will surpass collaboration at Cannes Lions, through a continued relationship as the company brings them on board as a new contributor.
For the 16th consecutive year, Getty Images will continue its sponsorship and support of the Young Lions Competition at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The competition pits the world’s best talented, young creative teams against the clock to produce an award-winning campaign. Getty Images will be the exclusive content provider for the competition, enabling contestants to draw from its broad range of creative, editorial, archival and music collections, to help them produce inspiring and award-winning work of their own.

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