Interview: Martin Lisius Owner at StormStock

Footage News exclusive interview: Owner at Storm Stock – the ‘world’s premier collection of storm imagery, for creative professionals who demand only the best’

Name: Martin Lisius – pictured above ©Prairie Pictures
Stock footage agency: StormStock
Position: Owner

Q. When did you decide to start offering stock footage?

Q. Why?
People were calling for it before StormStock existed, so StormStock was created as an answer to a need. People saw my storm footage in documentaries I produced about extreme weather.

Q. What is the latest footage stock you are offering?
We have the devastating May 20, 2013 Moore, OK tornado. You can see a shot of it at

Q. Do you provide commissioned video/broadcast production services?
Yes, on occasion.

Q. What in your view is the largest hurdle when starting to offer footage stock?
Keeping up with orders. It’s very time consuming and leaves little time to shoot new footage.

Q. Is there a standard industry pricing structure for editorial and creative stock?
No, I don’t think so. License fees depend on use but also on the quality and uniqueness of the footage.

Q. Where do footage requests come from?
Researchers and production companies. Usually archivists, producers and sometimes editors.

Q. Which are the most regular video formats requested for license?
HD 1080 in an .mov file format, mostly.

Q. How do you ensure your footage is credited StormStock?
We require a credit in our license, unless it is a commercial or other form that normally cannot credit.

Q. How do you currently deliver licensed footage?
Either FTP or on a drive via FedEx.

Q. Which area of the library are you looking to increase content in?
Stills. We are known for our footage, but we have a really nice still collection that we want people to know about.

Q. What was your best seller this month?
The Moore, OK EF5 tornado:


Q. Any exclusive stock?
Yes, most of StormStock is exclusive.

Q. Whats new at StormStock?
The Moore, OK EF5 tornado and the OK tornadoes from the previous day, May 19.

Q. Whats next for StormStock?
4K. I have shot “4K” since 1997 on Super 35mm. Much of that will be scanned to 4K sometime this year.


Thanks Martin – Visit and license from Storm Stock here
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