ITN Source reps British Movietone in the US

The British Movietone Film Collection from ITN Source on Vimeo.

ITN Source has announced a new agreement to represent British Movietone in the United States. The British Movietone film library dates from 1895 to 1984 and includes the first cinema newsreel to use both sound and colour film in Britain.
The British Movietone library has been estimated at around 80 million feet of film and includes silent film from the Henderson collection (1895-1929), the famous British Movietone cinema newsreels (1929-1984) and footage from the United Press film library (1960-1963). The collection was shot in 35mm, is fully digitized and transferable into HD format.

ITN Source has long been established as the home of cinema newsreels, representing most of the major newsreels, including; Gaumont Graphic, one of the first cinema newsreels (1910 – 1932), Empire News (1926-1930), Fox Movietone (1928-1963), Gaumont British (1929-1959), Universal News (1930-1956) and British Paramount (1931-1957). Now ITN Source has added British Movietone to this eminent list.

Andy Williams, Managing Director of ITN Source said “We are delighted to add the British Movietone film library to our extensive collection of editorial archives. The collection covers an incredible range of historically important news events and all the significant figures of the last century. We think our clients will appreciate being able to access so much cinema newsreel footage under one roof.”

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