Job: Video Director – Condé Nast India

Spotted on the Conde Nast careers page

Condé Nast India seeks a full-time Video Director for its brand portfolio.


The Video Head is the driving creative force in our streaming media productions, and acts as the crucial link between the editorial, commercial and marketing team. You are responsible for creatively translating brands and client’s needs into actual images and sounds on screen – must visualise and define the style and structure of the video, act as both a storyteller and team leader to bring this vision to reality. Your responsibilities include those of a Video Director with duties being casting, script editing, shot composition, shot selection and editing. While the practical aspects of producing a video, such as finance and marketing, are left to the producer, the Director must have a good understanding and always be aware of the constraints of budgets and schedules. In some cases you assume hybrid roles such as director/producer or director/writer. Being Video Director for Condé Nast requires an outstanding and unique creative vision, dedication and commitment. You are ultimately responsible for the brands and client’s commercial success or failure.


Develop a vision for the finished film, and define a practical route for achieving it. During pre-production, you need to make crucial and sensitive decisions together with the editorial and commercial team, such as selecting the right cast, crew and locations for the film.
Direct rehearsals and the performances of the actors once the video is in production.
Managing the technical aspects of filming, including camera, sound, lighting, design and special effects departments.
During post-production, you work closely with editors through the many technical processes of editing, to reach the final cut
or version of the film. At all stages, you are responsible for motivating the team to produce the best possible results. You must also appreciate the needs and expectations of the projects budgets.

You must have exceptional artistic vision and creative skills to drive Condé Nast’s DNA forward, developing world-class and original videos. Unerring commitment and a deep passion for filmmaking are essential, along with the ability to act as a strong and confident leader. You must constantly make decisions, but must also be able to delegate and collaborate with others.

Working for Condé Nast you must inspire and motivate the team to produce the output they have envisioned. They need an extensive understanding of the entire video making process, from both technical and creative points of view. A capacity for long hours of intensive work, attention to detail, and the ability to remain calm and think clearly under great pressure, are key skills for this role.

Please note: This role is based in Mumbai, India.

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