Job: Video Syndication Editor Bloomberg – New York

spotted on the Bloomberg careers pages
The Role: ‘The Video Syndication Editor is responsible for the selection, publication and distribution of video footage, interviews, packages and long-form programming on Bloomberg’s client-facing Photo and Video web portal, Media Source. The role reports into the Managing Editor for Visual Media and is responsible for management of a team of global video editors.’
‘The Video Syndication Editor’s main task is to identify content that is being created for Bloomberg’s consumer media outlets and adapt it for professional media client distribution – leveraging existing content creation for further commercial use. This includes preparation and delivery of newsroom ready content such as full length interviews and raw b-roll as well as packaged stories which may include multiple video sources, sound-bites and graphical elements. In time, platform curation will be added to the responsibilities, to handle multiple distribution outlets, and to feature relevant content prominently.’
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