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The international jury of the 2014 World Press Photo Multimedia Contest has awarded prizes in three categories: Short Feature, Long Feature and Interactive Documentary.

First prizes by category:
First prize Short Feature: ‘Staff Riding’
Photography, video and sound recording: Marco Casino

First prize Long Feature: ‘Witnessing Gezi’
Camera, director: Emin Özmen

First prize Interactive Documentary: ‘A Short History of the Highrise’
National Film Board of Canada / The New York Times

The jury chair Jassim Ahmad, global head of multimedia innovation Reuters, reflected:
“It is remarkable that the number of entries to the contest has increased by one third since last year. The overall quality of submissions indicates that many more have a grasp of visual media – a promising indicator of things to come. The winners reflect many aspects of the human condition, such as family, culture, sport, conflict and politics.” He added:
“There is clearly no one model for success in the practice. You can work in teams large and small; with the support of a major organisation or local community. The smallest stories can speak to wider truths. The possibilities of multimedia are immense.”
View all the winners here

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