Rightster teams PA – ‘marketing and distributing PA’s video content’

The Press Association in the UK have partnered with Rightster, the cloud-based online video distribution and marketing network, on Rightster’s YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) in a combined global distribution strategy growing the Press Association’s international audience and reach.
In the early stages of their strategic online video distribution initiative, PA partnered with Rightster to optimise the PA News channel on YouTube. In addition to managing this channel, Rightster will now also be marketing and distributing PA’s video content to online publisher sites around the world, thereby further extending their audience and reach.
“Rightster’s software system and audience development expertise make the task of distributing, monetising, and promoting video content through YouTube – and other channels – simple and efficient. Our close collaboration with YouTube helps our clients attract more viewers and grow audience, while using our media sales expertise to improve revenues.” said Barry Flanigan, VP of Publisher Solutions and Audience Development at Rightster. “We’re excited to support the Press Association as it continues to be a leader in multimedia content.”
“Rightster has proven to be a valuable partner and leader in the online video distribution and marketing space”, said Tony Watson, Managing Director at the Press Association. “PA’s commitment to delivering high-quality, dynamic content stretches far beyond our own borders and this continued partnership will capitalise on our multimedia strengths and Rightster’s in online video syndication”.

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