Time-Life ‘Life Around Us’ films now available via HBO Archives

HBO Archives has announced clip licensing availability for the first time ever from the 1968-71 Time-Life Films educational documentary series, “Life Around Us.”
They say: “We have fully restored the original 16mm films to HD, and all clips are now digitised and available on the HBO Archives website.
This series explored a wide range of issues in the natural and social sciences from all around the globe. Many of the topics covered, including climate change, developmental psychology of children, whaling and invasive species remain relevant today.
Footage includes both story-specific footage, as well as moment-in-time scenes of everyday life in the late 1960s. “The Ultimate Machine?” includes footage of advances in robotics at MIT alongside iconic imagery of computers in the workplace. “Rock-A-Bye Baby,” which screened at the White House in 1970, explores the sometimes devastating influence of infant treatment and child rearing. Other episodes feature in-depth looks at topics including scientific studies in Antarctica, animal communication, water conservation, deforestation and solar research.
All of the footage from the series had been transferred from film to HD. “It has been a priority of HBO Archives to make our film backed elements available in HD so clips can be seamlessly integrated into new productions and we are excited that this special material is now available,” said Michael Castro, Vice President, Post Delivery.
View the full list of Time-Life Films available.

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