MotionElements introduces ‘visual similarity search technology’ – Beta

Singapore based royalty-free stock animation, video footage agency MotionElements has announced the launch of its improved search engine featuring new powerful visual similarity search technology to help stock media buyers find relevant content faster.

They say: VisualSearch is a visual similarity search engine technology that allows users to find content with a heavier emphasis on visual cues.
At launch, VisualSearch in MotionElements allows its buyers to narrow down search results to the most visually relevant clips by providing a reference image. Buyers can also start a keyword search and use one of the results as a reference to further filter the search. This allows buyers to find content with fewer pages indexed compared to a standard keyword search.
Mark Sun, Co-Founder of MotionElements explains “What sets us apart is that, on top of our extensive video footage library, we also have a huge selection of stock animation and After Effects templates. This often places a heavy burden on having the correct keywords to describe, for example, animated video backgrounds with keywords like Swirly Lines or Curvy Wave”.
He further explains that, “Our new VisualSearch bridges that gap. The visual nature of the search overcomes the various language and semantic limitations inherent to keyword searches. This effectively globalizes search for all languages, which in turn gives our Artists confidence that their content can be found by buyers with less emphasis on the keywords”.

• VisualSearch (In partnership with Pixolution) in MotionElements is currently launched as a Beta feature. Further improvements are to be implemented as more users become acquainted to the new search feature.

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